About Me


1999 - 2005 University of Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

Major: Land and Water Management and Engineering

Degree: Master of Science

Software Skills

Started programming an latin-german vocabulary trainer for my Amiga at the age of 14.
VBA for Excel since 1999 including AutoCAD automation.
digHAO (VB6) from 2002 to 2007
VBA for ArcGIS for Diploma Thesis (Renumbering the Austrian Rivers).
VBA for ArcGIS and VB.NET for ZAMG (meteorological data)
VB.NET, C#, COM and FORTRAN for VB-Surfer since 2007
VB.NET & C# for TommiView since 2007
JAVA and FORTRAN for Glowa-Danube since 2008


thomas [at] hoerhan [dot] com