TommiView 4.5 just released!

1. April 2013

Get ready to TommiView, a new interactive way to graph Time Series Data, view Grid Data and edit Databases. You can zoom, scroll and create powerful interactive multi chart displays with a practically unlimited number of settings. TommiView does the hard work of preparing professional-quality graphs for you, allowing you to focus on the analysis. The software is free to download, and we already have some interesting plugins for you to play around with. If you are interested in plugins for your own use, please feel free to contact us. But most of all, we hope you enjoy TommiViewing!

Read the descripions of the Plug-ins to see the files that can be opened with TommiView.


  • Download the Zip-Archiv and unzip it to a Folder, where All TommiView Users have Write Permission. If you have problems during download, click on "Login" and Download from the secure version of this Site.
  • If you have Administator Rights, you should click at the Menu "Settings" > "Performance" > "Install".