Past Projects

Digital Hydrological Atlas of Austria

The Hydrological Atlas of Austria consists of both printed thematic maps and a GIS-based version. The atlas covers the various components of the water cycle: precipitation, run-off, lakes and groundwater, and also includes water management and enviromental parameters as well.


Automated Interpolation of Climate Data using ArcGIS

Measurement data such as precipitation and temperature are taken from a central database and then automatically converted into an ArcGIS format. The program allows for a wide variety of interpolation methods such as spline, Kriging, and inverse distance to be used.


Chart PlugIn for MapWindow

Time series data can be read for selected data points presented in MapWindow. The data are then presented at each selected location as a separate time series graph.


PDF Converter Plugin for MapWindow

Previously, the printing capabilities of MapWindow were limited to a resolution and print size of the user's monitor. The PDF converter plugin allows for unlimited printing capabilities at user-defined resolutions.


ArcGIS Coding of Austrian Rivers and Watersheds

Completed as my Diploma Thesis work. Reference to the research paper discussing the work can be found here:

Link: ACM Portal