Welcome to Software Hoerhan!

This is the place where you can buy License Keys for excellent software from Austria.

How it works:

The Products you can license here can be downloaded for free at www.tommiview.com as a bundle. You can install the software and try it for free, as long as you want. The unlicensed versions of the Components used display a Logo, which is removed by a License Key.

The License Keys can be entered in the activation wizard included in TommiView. You can either choose to lock the Software against the Hardware Configuration of your Computer or against an USB-Device.

If you want to use the Components in your own applications you just have to copy the valid License file together with the Component.

Obtaining a License Key:

Please start the Activation Wizard to see if you can activate on your System.

Then go to Shop and select the Components you like to license. Payment is handled by PayPal or Bank Transfer. Once the Payment is confirmed you can go to License Keys where you will see your License Keys.

Please contact us if you want to use Bank Transfer or a different Payment Method: Software [at] Hoerhan [dot] com

The Invoice can be downloaded at Documents.

About the developer:

Information about the developer can be found at www.hoerhan.com/thomas.